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Practice Areas

Credent Consulting provides your team with access to professionals with decades of experience avoiding, mitigating and resolving disputes as industry experts.  We work with contractors, architects, engineers, insurance companies and owners and help project teams achieve their goals.
Dispute Prevention


The planning phase of any program is most effective time to avoid disputes.  This is when the conditions of the site can be analyzed with minimal impact, a project scope and contract developed to minimize complications and the procedures established to faciliate resolution.  Historically contracts were developed to shift responsibility as a means of Dispute Prevention.  We prefer a proactive Risk Management Program that constantly illuminates and resolves issues from project ccreation through operation. 


We offer services related to: prequalification of the consultants required to develop viable construction and related services contracts, prequalification of contractors and suppliers to build the project, uses of materials, advice on the most appropriate contract type for the project, preconstrction photographic surveys to estabilish existing conditions and review of contracts to faciliate issue avoidance and resolution.


Dispute Mitigation


As with Dispute Avoidance, the most valuable Dispute Mitigation efforts are completes as early as possible.  The contract negotiation process and the time period between proposals are received and execution of award is fraught with opportunity to avoid disputes.  However, this is a chaotic period so a planned approach is required to minimize the impact of Dispute Mitigation processes.  We provide services related to determining the viability of a bid and recommendations on a customized approach for each project.


We recommend review of the proposals for compliance with the needs of the project and developing a specific program for each project or program to avoid dispute risks.  The viability of the consultants or contractors as entities, their level of experience, the variance between their price and anticipated pricing and the quality of the management all affect the risk for a dispute.  We provide on call and full time services related to overcoming these issues.

Project Expertise

  • K12 Schools

  • Light Rail

  • Manufacturiing

  • Performing Arts Centers

  • Petrochemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Ports and Harbors

  • Public Parks


  • Roads

  • Shopping Centers

  • Torts - Inverse Condemnation

  • Torts - Nuisance

  • Tunnels

  • University

  • Utilities

  • Wastewater.


  • Airports

  • Bridges

  • Clean Water

  • Colleges

  • Commerical Buildings

  • Courts

  • Entertainment Parks

  • Heavy Rail

  • Hospitals


Dispute Resolution


Dispite the best intentions, disputes arise. Resolution related costs are minimized when disputes are identified and resolved as early as possible.  Our experience is more clarity and specificity stimulates resolution and this is best done at the time an issue is developing in concert with the project team.  For example: if an issue concerns an impact on productivity, cost or schedule; it is more accurate to avoid, monitor and record the event than suffer avoidable impacts or resort to speculative cost and schedule measurement techniques. 


We are often brought in on a forensic basis and can provide services ranging from negotiations, organizing records during the project, discovery support to pure expert services related to contractual entitlement, damages delay. 

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