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Our Firm

Credent Consulting provides you with access to professionals with decades of experience Preventing, Mitigating and Resolving Disputes.  We work with architects, contractors, engineers, insurance companies and owners to help project teams achieve their goals.  

Our currently available professionals have worked in the construction industry for over 3 decades as employees of contractors, construction managers, engineering practices, accounting audit or expert witness consulting firms.  

We understand contracting for professional and contracting services is complex.  However, we also understand the approach of merely shifting risk as a means to avoid disputes is not a suitable way to build a project team.  We understand how to contract for services and maintain the teams focus on a successful project.


Credent Consulting is available to help when you need a competent professional to plan a project, gain the required approvals, develop the appropriate contracts, build a project and turn over a functional project.  


Our firm provides project services to faciliate Dispute Prevention, Mitagation, and Resolution. We have an existing staff and a network of Specialized Professionals avaialable with whom we have worked over the last 3 decades to develop the right team for our project.  Finally, when Credent Consulting is brought in forensically, we have experienced cost, schedule and entitlement experts who understand negotiations, mediation and arbitration and trial on projects with a collective values in excess of $1 Billion.  

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