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Practice Expert


Matthew Lankenau

Mr. Lankenau has experience as a Contractor, Construction Manager and Expert Witness on Cost, Entitlement and Schedule issues.  He has authored articles on as diverse as the Renovation of Existing Facilities, Overhead Costs, and False Claims.  He has lectured for the Bar Association, for Lorman, for Graduate level educational programs and for numerous clients as part of customized training programs.


Matthew has testified or presented at over 50 Mediatiions, numberous Arbitrations and recognized as an expert in Trial.  He has worked on Airports, Civil, Clean Water, Concrete Bridges, Colleges, Heavy Rail, Highways, Hospitals, K-12 Schools, Light Rail, Harbors, Industrial, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Ports, Private Facilities, Public Facilities, Tunnels, Universities and Waste Water projects.


He has worked on Breach of Contract, Class Action, False Claims, Inverse Condemnation, Private Nuisance and Public Nuisance Causes of Action.


Mr. Lankenau is available to help contractors, insurance companies and owners avoid, mitigate or resolve disputes before, during or after a project.


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